Exclusive 20 year Workmanship & Materials Warranty

 Home Garage Floor, Inc. holds itself to the highest standards in epoxy floor coverings application training within the industry. Alongside our manufacturer we have developed a training program to produce well trained experts that will exceed your expectations through out the entire installation process. We have also teamed up with the most renowned manufacturer/distributor in the mid-west to insure product superiority and longevity. Therefore, Home Garage Floor, Inc. has the highest confidence in ALL our workmanship and materials. As a family owned business, we will stand behind and warranty ALL workmanship from the date your epoxy floor covering system is installed excluding any natural phenomena (fire, wind, hail, water, etc.) and homeowner negligence. Home Garage Floors workmanship warranty mirrors product warranties. See separate manufacturer material warranties for specific product limitations and warranty claims.

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Home Garage Floor, Inc. will comply with all warranty claims product or application as written per manufacturer.



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