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Epoxy Flooring Process

As a Certified Applicator garage floor epoxy contractor, Home Garage Floor can help you avoid DIY pitfalls. We only use HEPA Certified equipment and processes for epoxy flooring for homes to collect concrete dust to meet EPA regulations. We strictly adhere to CDC COVID-19 guidelines and government regulations. We only use commercial grade eco-friendly epoxy products that are safe and remit minimal odor for all applications, from basement floor epoxy to epoxy kitchen floors, epoxy outdoor patios, and epoxy garage floors. Our work is backed by a 20 Year Warranty, and we have perfected a “no-slip epoxy floor finish.”
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Our Process

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  1. Schedule an Estimate

    Home Garage Floor will visit your property. The epoxy garage floor cost for epoxy garage floors is pretty much the same for epoxy patio floors, basement floor epoxy, epoxy kitchen floors, shop floors, and pools.  We charge by the square foot (add up the perimeter of the epoxy area) and then we are offering 20% off.  Use promo code "SUMMER2022" when you schedule your estimate.  

  2. Select Color

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Color.

  3. Select Finish

    Epoxy Garage Floor Coating Finish. Home Garage Floor will provide you with options such as our “No Slip Epoxy Flooring for Homes.” You can pick the best garage floor finish for your garage floor resurfacing needs.

  4. Mitigate Structural Issues

    If applicable, if there are structural issues with your existing concrete, we will discuss options to mitigate them BEFORE we begin work and if appropriate amend the estimate to provide for a solution. We are an epoxy garage floor contractor that values transparency as much as you do.

  5. Customer’s Pre-Installation CheckList

    Home Garage Floor will provide a pre-installation checklist for the homeowner or business owner. For example, to ensure your garage floor resurfacing and epoxy garage floor cost doesn’t exceed the budget and is the best garage floor finish, we ask you to remove any item that is 18 inches from the floor on the perimeter walls and remove all debris in the work area.

  6. Schedule Installation

  7. Prepping the Concrete

    Unlike a DIY kit, as a garage epoxy contractor, before we apply your epoxy and finish it, we need to prep the concrete. For epoxy flooring for homes, it doesn’t matter what the application is for, from an epoxy outdoor patio to a basement floor epoxy, to get the best garage floor and garage floor resurfacing, we use a commercial diamond grinder. This takes off the top layer of concrete to make it porous so that the epoxy base coat will bond to last for a lifetime.

  8. Apply Epoxy and Finish

    After your epoxy flooring is finished, generally it takes one day to cure, you can walk on it within 12 hours and drive on it in 24 hours unless the dew point is high. If the dew point is high, as your garage floor epoxy contractor, we recommend giving it 3 days.

More Application Options than Epoxy Garage Floors

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In addition to epoxy garage floors, we also specialize in epoxy kitchen floors, basement floor epoxy, epoxy patio floors, office floor epoxy, shop floor epoxy, warehouse epoxy floors, stairs, sidewalks, and pool areas. Contact us today at 763-241-4900.

Contact Today for a Hassle-Free Estimate

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If you are looking for “epoxy flooring near me,” Home Garage Floor is your local epoxy garage floor contractor dedicated to providing you the best garage floor, epoxy outdoor patio, epoxy kitchen floor, and basement floor epoxy, at the least inexpensive epoxy garage floor cost. Contact us today at 763-241-4900.