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If you have a graduating high school senior this spring, epoxying your garage floor for a private celebration might be one of the safest, practical, stress-free, and inexpensive options to consider.


You have a lot to be thankful for this year, your kid made it! There is also a lot of good news related to COVID-19, people are getting vaccinated every day, and getting back to normal life seems to be on the horizon.


Unlike renting a hall for a graduation party, which may or may not be subject to gathering size requirements, a home garage graduation party gathering can be controlled to comply with almost any COVID rule. In this sense, you can create a safe environment and give your high school grad a celebration they are looking forward to and deserve.  Friends and relatives can drop in and drop out if you plan it out well.  You can space the seating too and if you like can provide face covers to anyone that needs one.

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On the flip side, while the home garage may be ideal to hold a grad party, your garage floor may not be the most presentable. Think about it for a minute. Your concrete garage floor is porous and holds dirt and grime, chemicals, dripping or spilled oil and gas and paint, salt, etc. Combined with ever-changing temperatures in Minnesota, concrete floors easily crack, chip, and crumble. But an epoxy garage floor is a non-porous material. As a result, epoxy garage floor coating prevents these elements from seeping in.

There are a number of reasons customers contact us for garage floor resurfacing for a graduation party.  For example, epoxy garage floors simply look nicer, they are easy to wipe clean and can be used all year round while preserving the concrete.

basement floor epoxy, epoxy patio floor, epoxy outdoor patio, epoxy garage floor cost

As your local garage epoxy contractor, we recognize your home is most likely your largest investment, and epoxy garage floor cost is a major consideration. Like you, we value transparency and no surprises. We charge by the square foot (add up the perimeter of the epoxy area) and then we are offering 20% off.  This makes estimates easy to understand.  Use promo code Spring2023 when you schedule your estimate.  


If you are looking for “epoxy flooring near me” for a garage graduation party, Home Garage Floor is your local epoxy garage floor contractor dedicated to providing you the best garage floor, epoxy outdoor patio, epoxy kitchen floor, and basement floor epoxy, at the least inexpensive epoxy garage floor cost. Contact us today at 763-241-4900.