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About Home Garage Floor

Home Garage Floor is a local family owned and operated garage floor epoxy contractor spanning two generations and 27 years in the home improvement industry.  We are a Certified Applicator epoxy garage floor contractor dedicated to constructing the best garage floor, garage floor resurfacing, and epoxy flooring for homes.  In addition to epoxy garage floors, we also specialize in epoxy kitchen floors, basement floor epoxy, and epoxy outdoor patios. 

Benefits of Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

The number one reason our customers contact us for garage floor resurfacing is to preserve the concrete and it simply looks nicer. Concrete is porous and holds dirt and grim, chemicals, dripping or spilled oil and gas and paint, salt, etc. Combined with ever changing temperatures in Minnesota, concrete floors easily crack, chip, and crumble. But an epoxy garage floor is a non-porous material. As a result, epoxy garage floor coating prevents these elements from seeping in. Thus, epoxy garage floors are easy to wipe clean and use all year round.
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Epoxy Garage Floor Process

To get started, first we stop by to estimate your epoxy garage floor cost. The next visit we prepare to install and then install your epoxy floor. In most cases, the curing/drying process takes a day, but depending on the moisture in the air, it could take 3 days. We will provide you with instructions when we finish your project. As a Certified Applicator garage floor epoxy contractor, Home Garage Floor can help you avoid DIY pitfalls. We only use HEPPA Certified equipment, and processes to collect concrete dust to meet EPA regulations. Our work is backed by a 20 Year Warranty, and we have perfected a “no-slip epoxy floor finish.”
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When is the best time to schedule a garage epoxy contractor?

In addition to garages, there are other epoxy flooring for homes you can consider. Concrete basements, outdoor patios, stairs, and pools are often staging areas for outside DIY projects and are subject to additional wear and tear plus the same elements as garages. Throughout the year, we experience an 80F degrees temperature variance in Minnesota, so the best time to book and install your epoxy garage floor, basement floor epoxy, or epoxy patio floor is when the temperature is consistently warm, spring to fall. But for epoxy kitchen floors, or other indoor concrete floor applications, like shops, warehouses, and office floors, we can book and install them all year round.